Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Valencia

“What is TEFL?”

TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language and is for English speakers who want to qualify to teach English abroad, online or here in the UK.

“How do I become TEFL qualified?”

First, you need to become TEFL certified. A minimum of 120-hours of training is recommended as this ensures you are as confident and well versed in TEFL as possible. This will also make you eligible for the widest range of job opportunities as 120-hours is a requirement for most employers. TEFL Org UK offers both online-based courses, classroom and combined course options.



“Why Valencia?”

Spain is currently one of the top TEFL destinations in Europe with teaching positions available throughout the country.

With a population of just over 1 million, Spain’s third-largest city, Valencia has fast become one of the most popular cities in Spain to TEFL in. Valencia is a bilingual city, with Spanish and Valencian both widely spoken. Since there is now an added pressure to improve proficiency in Spain, the demand for English teachers is higher than ever.

Where to Eat

Valencia is the birthplace of paella! Some of the best restaurants are traditional, family-run establishments that have been around for centuries.

Some top restaurants favoured by the locals are Restaurante Levante (you can choose from 10,000 different Spanish wines to accompany your paella!), La Pepica and La Riuà

What to See

With striking avant-garde architecture, medieval castles and modernist buildings – there is a lot to see in Valencia. Popular attractions include:

  • Valencia Cathedral – home to the ‘Holy Grail’, the actual cup that Jesus drank from at the last supper.
  • City of Arts & Sciences – an architectural complex in the heart of the city, including an IMAX cinema and planetarium, museum, open-air oceanographic house and performing arts centre.
  • Valencia’s Central Market – live the life of a local by making a trip to the market. The beautiful modern building is full of traditional stalls where you are likely to come across fruit, veg and meat that you’ve never even seen before! There are also lots of shops and stalls around the perimeter of the building worth checking out.

From Europe to South East Asia and everywhere in between, TEFL allows you to take part in a life-enhancing, fun-filled and exciting opportunity. For more information, visit 

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