Community: Glasgow – COP 26

This month sees the COP26 juggernaut crash through Glasgow and many of us are finding it difficult to work out how we feel about it. Every one of us has played a microscopic but nonetheless key role in the nudging of our climate to, and possibly already past, the edge of multiple dangerous tipping points, and the events away from the core of the conference seem like a great opportunity to listen and learn. Climate change, like COP26 hitting your city, can seem like something out of our control, that it’s something that’s happening to us, rather than because of us – those boomers and multinationals, eh?

But, although the main decisions are out of our hands, it’s what we can do collectively around the periphery that will inform future attitudes and therefore put pressure on those who ultimately hold the fate of our planet in their hands. We’re not experts in climate change, far from it, so we’ll be engaging with events on the fringe to listen and learn from those who are.

Then perhaps when the dust has settled, we’ll be part of a more informed citizenry, ready to move and persuade in the new direction necessary to avert the worst that climate change threatens. We’ll be sharing with you our experiences, and as many opportunities to get involved and learn as we can, via our website and social media channels. As with everything worthwhile, it’s a community effort, so let us know if there’s anything you think we should be highlighting via

Kenny Lavelle


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