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Album Review: Hairband – Under The Plow

As an experienced ensemble hailing from various Glasgow indie acts, Hairband don’t just bristle with ideas, creating something new from many parts; the vocal layers add something new with every listen. The album contains so many cheery moments you’ll likely end up with a smile on your face. The backing lines of opener ‘Unconscious Rivals’, the intro to ‘Varipapa’, the joyful euphony of ‘Crimson Wave’, the circling swoops of ‘How Far’ and countless jangly riffs and fills should make your day feel a little brighter.

While there are many styles and influences on show here, Warpaint lovers will find plenty to appreciate, particularly on ‘Varipapa’ and ‘Desserts’, which is more savoury than sweet.

They might have become a long-distance project, but with Under The Plow, Hairband prove that miles can’t defeat music. Let’s hope they have plans for the future, but if not, this record ensures they made their mark.

Under The Plow is released on 21st April via Lost Map Records