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Bonjour: Save Glasgow Queer Venue – Appeal for Funds

Glasgow has been blessed to boast Bonjour since it opened in June 2021, a bar that ‘prides themselves on prioritising Queer communities, with the aim to centre Trans and Non-Binary; Black and Brown Folx.’

A profit-sharing co-operative, the venue took a long time to open, curtailed by the pandemic, but it has since become an inclusive haven for the city’s queer community. It has boasted the space for drinks, performances featuring Glasgow’s most talented and diverse drag and for queer groups to hold meetings. However, Bonjour’s security hangs in the balance.

The bar has faced its share of challenges, not least the rising cost of energy and financial factors crippling the whole nation. This week, the staff made a public appeal, stating they “can no longer manage costs without taking action… and we’re facing the reality that we may have to close.” This would be a devastating loss for Glasgow’s queer community: but Bonjour are calling out for support, and you can help sustain this vital resource in our city.

The bar hosted an emergency fundraising party on Friday 14th October.

Head to ko-fi.com/bonjourglasgow to commit a monthly subscription and become a Bonjour member (an illustrious group indeed!). True to form, the staff have ensured you really get something in return for your investment, rather than offering a one-time payment with no perks: rewards include a quarterly zine, exclusive digital content, access to in-house events and more.

Any contributions will go towards clearing their debt to landlords Network Rail, the rising cost of utility bills, security (an essential part of ensuring Bonjour’s safe space status) and much more. And support does not stop with your wallet: put pressure on your MP to consider ways in which they can sustain Bonjour, a venue that provides much to so many

At its core, Bonjour’s mission has been creating community in every sense, with local community groups benefiting from profit investment and queer people in Glasgow feeling safe and embraced in a space to call their own. In adversity, queers rally together and help make meaningful change: this is such an occasion. Let’s do whatever we can to keep Bonjour’s doors open to everyone. Head to their Instagram page to find out more ways to support the bar.

Follow: instagram.com/bonjourglasgow

Support: ko-fi.com/bonjourglasgow

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