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EP review: Co-Accused – The Psychonaut Society

The Psychonaut Society EP from Co-Accused may hail from outer space, but it’s filling an earthy gap which many will currently hold for dark electro.

The underlying steps bubbling away are the sort of thing distant dreams of dark and smoky rooms are made of. The Co-Accused are set to feature on some of the biggest Scottish line-ups this summer, which will be great, but oh for the days when we hear this blasting out after midnight as sweat drips from the walls.

‘Wormhole Warzone’ is as gloriously whirling as the name suggests, circling around and forward at the same time, if such a thing is possible. Closing track ‘Restricted Access’ is so bleeping on-point, you’ll get Radioactive Man flashbacks.

With Dave Clarke giving the EP a thumb up, you don’t need any more approval than that, but we are more than happy to endorse this superb slice of electro-techno.

The Psychonaut Society EP is out now on Co-Accused Records

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