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EP Review: Dreamwreck – Death Drive

Death Drive is the debut release of Dreamwreck, but the artists themselves are no strangers to the Scottish music and art scene. The haunting vocals of Cosima Cobley Carr provide a smoother entry to the work of Canaan Balsam, both artists enhancing what the other brings.

At nearly eight minutes long, ‘Appears To Be Living’ is the centrepiece of the EP, featuring soothing orchestral sounds pierced with unexpected child narratives and robotic intonation catching you off guard, albeit then collecting you before you land. ‘Mirror’ perhaps suggests what might have transpired if The Factory dreamers had hearts and minds from this side of the Atlantic.

The musical backing of ‘Pills’, the closing track of the release, offers a hopeful lilt to the footsteps many take when managing their toils and troubles. An ambient rumination on human behaviour isn’t for everyone, but it could hit the spot for you.

Death Drive was released on 25th February with Modern Obscure Music

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