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Single review: Eurotoire – Raveloe, Tamara van Esch –Figures

The name Eurotoire might not be familiar to you, but as this track features SNACK favourite Raveloe teaming up with Dutch folk singer Tamara van Esch, it’s got our attention, and it should grab yours. A marauding bassline swiftly joins the quirky steps of the intro, and before you know it, a song of menace and bite has wrapped itself around you. The distorted and slightly disorientating backing makes the perfect platform for a piece focusing on the world’s pressure and displacement of womxn.

With a multi-person shout-along chorus in place, you’d need to have a heart of stone to be unmoved by ‘Figures’. Just as you find the groove, the abrupt ending can only beg for repeated plays and listens. The Eurotoire album On A Red Thursday is released on 9th March, and is shaping up to be a strong collaborative effort from musicians of various backgrounds.

‘Figures’ was released on 25th February with Louvana Records

Photo credit: Stelios Demetriou

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