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EP Review – Fish Tank by Daisy Harris

Drawing from her experiences growing up in the 2000s, Fish Tank is a collection of lo-fi, alt-rock, and indie tunes that really hit the spot for a late 80s baby like me.

Much of Fish Tank’s charm is just how unpolished it sounds while still remaining engaging and catchy. Take the opening track, ‘Your Girlfriend’, for example. The driving guitars sound delightfully crappy and the vocals are as slacker as they come, but at the same time, the melodies are poppy and anthemic, with memorable lines like ‘Why do you dress like budget Nirvana?’’ and ‘Boys are just so out of style’.

The super lo-fi production could be off-putting for some, but give Fish Tank a chance and your reward is moody grunge, a scuzzy live acoustic ballad, bright bubbly alt-rock, and gloomy indie pop. If these songs grab you like they’ve grabbed me, you’ll be back for more.

Fish Tank is out now.

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