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EP Review: Nuha Ruby Ra – Machine Like Me

A sleazy slither of an EP from Nuha Ruby Ra that takes notes from every backlit, sunglasses-at-night badass since Lou Reed and smashes them together with a sarcastic sneer. Taking a handful of the menacing prowl of The Gun Club, the paranoid pomp of 80’s Bunnymen and the motorik 4/4 beat often used by Krautrock bands and adding them to the glam stomp of Add N to (X) makes six tracks that ooze attitude. ‘I’ve grown to hate guitars and every prick that holds one’ she sneers over the pounding discordance of ‘6 In The Morning’, dripping contempt for sad boys ruining parties.

Playing every instrument herself in a secluded cabin somewhere in Essex, the isolation feeds into a paranoid tension. It’s never totally clear if Ruby Ra is pointing her barbs at herself as much as some poor unfortunate who made the mistake of standing in her way.

Heavy on style, vision and swagger, and honestly? Just really fucking cool.

Machine Like Me is out now on Brace Yourself Records

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