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Interview: Stina Marie Claire (Honeyblood) & Raveloe — Celtic Connections 2023

Early January is when some people make big proclamations about what lies ahead, but most of us gently ease ourselves into the year. This is why, even though we’re looking forward to the Celtic Connections festival, we didn’t want to subject artists to the third degree (yes, that is an intentional reference, thanks for asking) just yet.

So, one of our most eagerly anticipated shows of the run features Stina Marie Claire (who you might be more familiar with under the Honeyblood moniker) and Raveloe (who you’ll be more familiar with by the end of 2023) at the CCA, 3rd February.

We asked both artists five quick and easy questions to get us all in the mood for the show and to serve as a casual reminder that you should grab tickets while you can if you can. 

All ready to go for live shows 2023?

Stina Marie Claire: I’m ready to be ready for live shows in 2023. I’m gonna try and get out there a little more. But so far 2023 has seen me spending January hibernating in my little home studio writing songs.

Raveloe: In spirit, yes! Still got some preparation to do as me and my band are in rehearsals this month for our gig supporting Stina Marie Claire at Celtic Connections. I’m really excited about it as I haven’t played a full band show since 2021.

Anything new arise in 2022 that you are determined to bring forward to this year?

Stina: In 2022, I did a bit of soul searching, and found more peace. I guess that’s something I would want to bring with me into the new year.

Raveloe: I felt that I was really part of a beautiful and supportive music community in 2022. New friendships arose or deepened and I want to continue to nourish and grow that. I finally got a few plants in 2022 and they seem to be doing pretty well, so maybe more plants?

I also finished my debut album just before the end of the year so I am really looking forward to putting that out into the world.

Credit: dubcentral

Any favourite Celtic Connections memories or shows you’ve attended?

Stina: Well, last time I played Celtic Connections I got to hang out and sing with Kris Kristofferson so I’d say that was a good memory.

Raveloe: I have never been, so I am really looking forward to experiencing it for the first time!

Are you a New Year, New You type of person?

Stina: Oh, absolutely not. I am an old soul, there is never a new me. I won’t be doing any of that stuff.

Raveloe: I see it as a more gradual transforming, day in day out, with some effort and attention. 

Credit: dubcentral

What’s your main musical hope for the year which lies ahead?

Stina: I hope to finally finish Honeyblood’s fourth album. I’m taking my time; it’s got to be right. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

Raveloe: To keep creating, gigging and connecting with folk, in Scotland and beyond.

Stina Marie Claire and Raveloe play at the CCA on Friday 3rd February as part of the Celtic Connections Festival.

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