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Katherine Priddy – The Pendulum Swing (album review)

Katherine Priddy’s The Pendulum Swing is a record of everyday dreams; of family; of romantic love lost, spurned, and yet to come.

The album shows maturity and growth, both musically and with respect to Katherine’s storytelling. Debut album The Eternal Rocks Beneath featured fantastic tales, drawing on Greek mythology, Emily Brontë, and inspiration you’d expect from an English Literature graduate. This time, the stories are just as enthralling, but they’re closer to home. It’s to Katherine’s credit that the tales remain as universal, and they should strike chords in homes across the land. And pleasing chords and notes are struck throughout the record, with a broader feel than the debut.

The folk feel is accompanied by country vibes, with many magical moments littered throughout. The percussion on live favourite ‘Northern Sunrise’, the mariachi feel to ‘Does She Hold You Like I Did’ and steel guitar on ‘These Words of Mine’ share the workload with the expected clever words and lilting melodies.

No matter your story, situation, or setting, at least one song will burrow deep into your heart, and that’s all we need from songwriters. You’ve many great artists to choose from, but your time will be well rewarded by investing in Katherine Priddy.

The Pendulum Swing is released on 16th February on Cooking Vinyl

Photo credit: Damien Hyde

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