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Interview: Megan Black on Reimagining ‘Sweet Bisexual’

Looking at Megan Black’s gig itinerary is enough to leave you feeling out of breath, never mind playing all the shows! Thankfully, we managed to catch Megan for five minutes to talk about an upcoming Edinburgh gig, a new (sort of) release and what comes next for one of the hotly-tipped Scottish acts of the present day.

How is 2023 treating you so far?

2023 has been full of learning new things for me. I decided it was time to learn how to record my own music (nowhere near as easy as producers make it look). I’ve also been collaborating with some of the most exciting artists in the scene at the moment and really diversifying my own approach to writing. So overall, I can’t complain!

You’re releasing a reimagined version of ‘Sweet Bisexual’, what’s your thinking behind that?

When I wrote ‘Sweet Bisexual’, I had already experienced a lot of the stigma bisexuality holds and felt angry about it. People deserve to be shown respect and not have this pressure held on them, regardless of who they are or how they identify. As I’ve grown into my sexuality and identity, I don’t really feel any label truly represents me anymore so I had to reimagine what all of it means to me, and that is that there’s so much power in being honest about who we are and owning it. We shouldn’t have to face these judgements for being who we are. 

Long story short, I wanted to be more expressive in my distaste towards how one-dimensional people in the queer community are made to be seen. I don’t need a label but if I want one, people should respect it. I’m allowed to own my identity and feel proud of it. Hopefully that will give someone else out there the permission to do the same.

With so many live shows since you recorded and released the album, have you felt your existing songs have evolved?

Absolutely! I work with an amazing band and the more we play live, the more little ideas we come up with. It just naturally happens and if it feels right, we adapt the song. For me, seeing artists play songs live with slight changes that have naturally fallen into place is so cool. It makes you feel like you’re part of their process, and that’s how I want fans of my music to feel when they see me play live.

Any plans for other reimagined releases?

I think this will be the only one for just now as I have some new songs coming soon. I always find things I want to change about my music but sometimes it’s best to leave them be. However, ‘Sweet Bisexual’ felt like it needed more anger and a fuck you message behind it!

You celebrate the release of the single by playing at Sneaky Pete’s on 27th April – what can attendees expect?

I will have my amazing band and backing vocalists with me, and we will be playing the reimagined version of the song. Things will be very loud, very queer, and very fuck the patriarchy vibes. I also might throw in a new song that I plan to release soon too!

After the single release and the Sneaky Pete’s show, what’s next for Megan Black?

After this, I will be playing a few festivals this summer, some pride events and maybe releasing another track too from my upcoming project. As well as this, some of those collabs with other artists might emerge too!

Megan Black plays Sneak Pete’s on Thursday 27th April and releases ‘Sweet Bisexual (Reimagined)’ on Friday 28th April.

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