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Record Store Day

Even allowing for the heightened increase in vinyl, there is no point in downplaying the importance of Record Store Day (RSD) for independent music retailers. Put aside your cynicism about how the event has been railroaded by the major labels, and think of the money spent in stores that we all love, all year round.

So, given how vital RSD is for shops and bands, it’s entirely a Scottish trait to see some controversy heading into the big day on Saturday 23rd April.

Avalanche Records in Edinburgh is long known for being a spiky little venture. Their social media account has had many pops at artists and customers. In 2022 though, they’ve pulled out a whopper. In the Edinburgh Evening News, store owner Kevin Buckle had a pop at HMV’s new shop on Princes Street. More importantly, there was a go at Gentle Sinners, the duo of Aidan Moffat and James Graham, and record buyers in general.

The language used in describing dedicated music fans wasn’t great. The issue wasn’t about RSD but limited-edition indie shop exclusives of upcoming album These Actions Cannot Be Undone. So, it’s not a million miles away. As you’d expect, a social media ‘war’ kicked off; presumably, some people feel rather sheepish about it now.

With  Aidan  calmly  and  simply  explaining  the situation, you get the feeling it will all be resolved away from the public’s prying eyes.

So, not every shop has a great relationship with artists, but some terrific record shops are set to make RSD 2022 a memorable one.

Mixed Up, on Otago Lane, have a brilliant day lined up. Since it began, they’ve engaged RSD, and with 10% off regular shop stock, you don’t need to look for RSD releases to find something great.

The staff will also hand out goodies, and the store goes all out to welcome first-time record buyers. Days like these are great for getting people excited and involved with buying music for the first time. In a streaming world, that’s a joy we all need at times!

Peter Ashby from Mixed Up has tipped us off that their most requested titles for this RSD (at time of print) are from Childish Gambino, Taylor Swift and Beth Orton. You can’t fault that quality, and it’s sure to be a fun time in store.

If you’re looking for record shop exclusives, there’s a limited green edition of the new Pictish Trail album, Island Family. VLURE fans should look out for the White Rabbit frosted clear vinyl edition of the ‘Euphoria’ EP.

Onto the standard list, which hardcore buyers have already pored over religiously: there are many Scottish acts with something to look out for on RSD. The 12” The Associates Covers release will get many people up and out of the house early in the morning. The voice of Billy MacKenzie continues to captivate old and new (age or otherwise) listeners, so don’t assume it’s just the mature crowd who are keen on this one – if you rest on your laurels, you might just miss out.

Sticking  with  the  Dundonian  link,  the  35th anniversary of Deacon Blue’s Raintown is commemorated, with £1 from every sale being donated to War Child. There are two Frightened Rabbit  EPs on offer, with State Hospital and A Frightened Rabbit getting long awaited reissues.

The Jasmine Minks are well placed to capitalise on the sustained interest in Creation Records. The Aberdonians hope to hit the road later this year, but for now, an updated version of their self-titled 1986 album will have to suffice.

Primal Scream are ushering more Andy Weatherall mixes at us with Shine Like Stars, The Proclaimers are doubling down on Sunshine On Leith (Includes the original album + BBC Radio Session  &  Live  at  Glastonbury.),  and  Rebecca Vasmant implores everyone to ‘Dance Yourself Free’.

Don’t just take our word about the Rebecca Vasmant release, the Dance Yourself Free EP is also an RSD tip from Fiona at Glasgow Southside record shop Some Great Reward. Fiona highlighted this alongside Ade  with It’s Just Wind (Mexican Summer) and Viktor Vaughn’s Vaudeville Villain as records she’s looking forward to saying: ‘We (the world) have an insatiable appetite for MF Doom and his aliases, particularly since his untimely death in 2020. Vaudeville Villain from 2003 is a particularly gritty release and possibly some of his best work’. We’re looking forward to seeing what Some Great Reward serves up alongside Radio Buena Vida DJs, so there’s plenty of reasons to head along down Victoria Road.

Monorail’s in-store RSD line-up is as great as ever with GABO, Melenas, and Lady Neptune all playing live with Rebecca Vasmant, Camera Obscura & Lost Map taking care of DJ duties.

Assai  Records  in Edinburgh & Dundee haven’t announced their in-store events for ’22 but a quick look down their stock list for the big day sees Vince Guaraldi Trio ‘Baseball Theme’ 7″ Single & Weyes Blood sitting amonst their best sellers.

There’s also the Definitive 12 Singles 19831987 from Sheena Easton, and we can only say it’s about bloody time.

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