Review: Velvet – Black and Blue

Glasgow band Velvet’s excellent new single can simultaneously be described as soulful and menacing, driving it near to the front line of recent Scottish indie rock releases. ‘Black And Blue’, released under their newly-founded label Affection Records, boasts skilful musicianship from the ensemble with multiple layers of innovative indie rock.

The intro is soft and intimate; all alluring lead vocals (think Luke Pritchard meets Alex Turner) and sparse, clean guitar. Then a sudden guitar twang jolts us straight into familiar bold, energetic territory. There is a noticeable improvement in the quality of production on ‘Black And Blue’ over their previous charmingly lo-fi and airy offerings, the band adding a sheen, focus, and sophistication which works well for them. You’d hope the band aren’t entirely ditching their previous sound in the long run, though.

This track hits with an uppercut. With more tracks of this quality, a fair wind, and the opportunity to play to a live audience, Velvet could find their way into the forefront of Scotland’s independent music consciousness.

‘Black and Blue’ is out now on Affection Records

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