Single review: Dictator ‘Candlemaker Row’

There’s a growing level of hype about Dictator and the West Lothian music scene, but if you’ve not picked up on it yet, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to come aboard.

‘Candlemaker Row’ might be a nod of the hat to a fashion store in the Edinburgh Old Town, but its reach stretches far beyond the capital, which is good for everyone.

It’s a restrained and murky number, ideal for when the nights are drawing in, and for those moments when a live show needs to take a breather. Not that the fans will be heading to the toilets when this song is on, their attention will be gripped by the slightly chilling hand around their throat.

Most importantly, the song showcases a slightly different side of the band to previous single ‘Anthem For A Doomed Youth’, and as we’d always advocate, variety is the spice of life.

‘Candlemaker Row’ was released 5th November on Blackhall Records

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