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Album Review: A.O Gerber – Meet Me At The Gloaming

There is a comfort that comes with company. A reassurance felt from a hand to hold or shoulder to lean on as we face the darkest of nights. Often, though, our most confident moments come when we step out alone; grateful for the help we have had along the way, but filled with a courageousness to face the fears we all inevitably have to meet.

A.O. Gerber’s debut Another Place To Need was swathed in a familial homeliness. A solo record, yes, but one that yielded an almost community-like spirit. On her stunning follow up, Gerber seizes control to build on that steady platform. Meet Me At The Gloaming is co-produced with Madeline Kenney and finds Gerber daringly comfortable as she flits from the crunchy folk of ‘For’ to the indie pop bliss of ‘You Got It Right’. All this while lyrically navigating how to avoid slipping into the cracks of a fractured past. Gerber bravely removes any blinkers to her personal history for a critical self evaluation of the acts that make up her story so far.

It’s good to have friends you can rely on, but on Meet Me At The Gloaming Gerber shows that sometimes we also have to take time to ourselves, to look within and find some peace so that we can confront all that lies ahead: alone, if necessary.

Meet Me At The Gloaming is out now

By: Craig Howieson

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