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Album Review: Forgiveness Is Yours by Fat White Family

Fat White Family have always been a band of the time, one of the most vital British bands of the past decade. Few acts have told it like it is in such a brutal and brisk way. The sound of a band fraying at the edges is inherently gripping, daring listeners to look away. While some tracks may not warrant repeated listens, this matters less in this streaming era than before. ‘Bullet of Dignity’, ‘Polygamy Is Only For The Chief’ and the snarling ‘What’s That You Say’ offer visceral catharsis for long-time fans. Newcomers get their disorienting baptism on ‘Today You Become Man’ – a cacophonous descent into Algerian-tinged medical malpractice akin to The Velvet Underground’s ‘Lady Godiva’s Operation’.

Fat White Family – Work (Official Video)

‘Feed The Horse’ and ‘Work’ represent the middle ground and way forward: irresistible rhythms coiling around infectious melodies. There’s a sense of urgency here, and they’re still fearlessly calling out the deserving targets, still giving a voice to the otherwise unheard. Who knows what’s next, if anything, but Fat White Family remain relevant and with purpose. Forgiveness Is Yours, and it’s never less than compelling.

Forgiveness Is Yours is out now on Domino Records 

Main Photo Credit: Louise Mason

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