Album review: Goat Girl – On All Fours

Virtually everything is political. Just because the new Goat Girl album doesn’t loudly rail against the same villains as they did on their debut, doesn’t mean they no longer care. If anything, the broadening of their outlook makes them even more relatable. And of course, the music is excellent.

Tight but loose, the album flows with carefree nonchalance that sees time pass swiftly. The groove of ‘Sad Cowboy’ is an obvious entry point to the record, but there are gems sprinkled throughout, with ‘Closing In’ crying out for a proper summer in order to shine in a fitting setting. There’s a hypnotic and woozy charm to the album, which fits well with modern times. ‘Anxiety Feels’ will speak for far too many people and ‘Bang’ has a soulful, nibbling refrain that won’t be leaving your mind anytime soon.

Don’t bother skipping tracks; just let the album run and switch off.

On All Fours is released on 29th January on Rough Trade Records

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