Album review: Jeremy Ivey – Waiting Out The Storm

Jeremy Ivey was recently in the news due to contracting and recovering from COVID-19. And while he might not have shaken it off quite as quickly as the US President, Waiting Out The Storm sees the artist in rude health.

Opener ‘Tomorrow People’ sets the tone, while leaning heavily on 60s doom classics by Zager and Evans or Barry McGuire. It’s savvy and satirical, left leaning; a song that will split opinion instantly. Good: let’s avoid sitting on fences for the rest of the year.

The instantly familiar feel to the music is the key here. Your brain can’t help but join the dots from songs like ‘Paradise Alley’ or ‘Movies’ to artists like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, or Tom Petty. The whole record is comfortable, warm, and of course comes with the Margo Price [singer-songwriter and Ivey’s wife] gold dust, which continues to sparkle brightly. It kicks up a notch or two on ‘Hands Down In Your Pockets’ but it’s on the more sedate moments where Ivey really gets moving.

Waiting Out The Storm was released on 9th October 2020 on Anti Records.

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