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Ratboys – Rum Shack, Glasgow – 5th June 2024 (live review)

Chicago-based indie band Ratboys returned to Glasgow this week as part of a UK tour
sandwiched between festival performances in Barcelona and the Netherlands. They were
supported by Former Champ, a pacy and punchy start, followed by Lande Hekt who provided a
mellow note to the evening.

Friendly Oddballs

Ratboys had been enjoying the late sun of our summer evenings, especially compared to when
they were last here in November. Despite the improved weather, the band, comprising Julia
Steiner, Dave Sagan, Marcus Nuccio and Sean Neumann, still wore hats throughout the set,
contributing to their friendly oddball vibe. Frontwoman Steiner was at the merch table before
performing and had a chilled out rapport with the audience. She gave simple but endearing
introductions to songs and told us how ‘stoked’ they were to be performing at the Rum Shack – a
venue which suited the needs of their songs, laid back but energetic.

They drew from as far back as 2015 album AOID, and their tunes ranged from lilting,
syncopated and dreamy to stripped back, drum-heavy and driving, often playing with contrasting
volume. The crowd was obviously made up of some committed fans as well as newer listeners,
all of whom were bobbing their heads along.

Piercing and Melodic

Julia Steiner’s vocals were somehow both piercing and melodic, and lyrics were often really
touching, speaking to relationships of longing and steadfast love between family and friends, the
search for inner peace and the feeling of being alive. This was the case particularly on songs
from their most recent album The Window.

That being said, many of the best moments of the night came during the band’s instrumental
riffs, such as on ‘Making Noise for the Ones You Love’, which showcased the band’s total
commitment to their own instruments and to each other. With two supporting acts and a packed
setlist, this was a full-on gig for a Wednesday night, but the energy in the room only built
throughout Ratboys’ performance – I just don’t know how Steiner didn’t overheat in that bobble

Photo Credit: Alexa Viscius

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