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Album Review: Machinism by Man Of Moon

If you’re not interested in Krautrock and psychedelia, you need to stop reading this review and have words with yourself. Now we’ve ditched the time-wasters, let’s cut to the chase, Man of Moon are still on form, and Machinism sounds exactly as you want it to.

Sure, there are some quieter moments –‘The Tide’ gives you a chance to rest and regroup – but mainly, it’s an act driving forward at a consistently high tempo. Opener ‘Rise’ sets the tone, living up to its name. ‘Swim’ has that rhythm we know and love, with sumptuous melodies flowing over it, while ‘Video’ takes us to the scuzzy side of town. ‘In The Water’ is also an early favourite, with an infectious feel, while ‘Reign’ is relentless.

Main man Chris Bainbridge is still front and centre but new drummer Iain Stewart has livened things up. This is a band with plenty of road in front of them, and if they keep on this path, we’re in for many more treats along the way.

Machinism is released on May 24th on Cosmic Pool

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