Album review: Mt. Doubt – Doubtlands

We’ve all spent time of late questioning everything we do and looking for answers. For some, that’s been a state of affairs for a little more time. The artists who make the music that covers some of the big questions are now well-placed to connect with more of us. Mt. Doubt is one of these bands.

There’s a brooding intensity here, and even the songs that swing with jaunty panache, such as ‘Caravans On A Hill’, carry an introspective weight. ‘Stairwell Songs’ strides with purpose, reaching to us from monotonous depths. Doubtlands is a record to immerse yourself in.

Sure, on first listen it’s tense yet pleasant, and musically enticing, but it’s a record that offers more when you put the time and effort in. That’s probably a metaphor for life, and definitely a recommendation to check the album out.

Doubtlands is out now via Last Night From Glasgow.



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