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Album Review: Starry Skies – Small Wonders

They don’t make them like they used to. As we know, that’s a cliché and a lie. It’s a belief held by people so beholden to the old ways that they don’t want to enjoy anything new.

Starry Skies aren’t like that. They’ve made a record like they used to, packed full of classic singer- songwriter tropes. You can almost feel the 70s stardust cascading out of your speakers. You’ll have a ball here if you love songs with a substance, ones that tell stories and feature earnest licks and fills.

That’s not to say it’s a retro-fest or nostalgia wave. It’s just music of this nature done very well. There’s nothing wrong with that, and songs like ‘Kind Hearted People’ sound good in any era. ‘Smile Through The Dark’ has a yearning alt-country feel, ‘Spitfire Susie’ is a rollicking good story, and there’s plenty of great tunes and tales to unpack here.

Small Wonders is released on 27th June on Fox Star Records

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