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CLR Theory – 26th January Glad Cafe – Celtic Connections Live Review

CLR Theory celebrated the one-year anniversary of their debut album, WAVES, at The Glad Café, Glasgow. Rather than a farewell to that era, it marked a joyful reflection on the past year’s growth, and served as a guide to what comes next.

With Nico Denman debuting ‘Simple’ and a full lineup enhancing the sound, CLR Theory showcased their collective strength. The performance exuded joy and accomplishment, demonstrating the band’s positive evolution, while the between song chat highlighted the fun side of the group.

CLR Theory at Glad Café, Glasgow

The harmonies were glorious, showcasing the majesty of Scottish music and storytelling at its best. CLR Theory effortlessly blends complexity with natural simplicity, making their sound unique. Introducing four new songs, the latter two exhibited expansive strings, energetic tempos, and ambition beyond their debut album.

Despite the touch of death in some of the songs, created during the lowest of times, the night was far from maudlin, with ‘I’d Love You For Less’ reminding us of the beauty that surrounds us.

Songs like ‘Fizzy Feet’ and ‘Communication of Love’ added a giddy and jaunty vibe, making tough times worth persevering.

The evening concluded with the collective descending from the stage, forming a circle to sing ‘Communion,’ emphasising the power of unity.

CLR Theory Bandcamp

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