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Dot Allison – Consciousology Album Review

Consciousology is an album that beautifully weaves the story of the artist’s life, reflecting her upbringing with a musician mother and botanist father. Surprisingly, it incorporates the sound of electrical activity in plants, as the ‘voice’ of Brachyglottis Sunshine recorded alongside piano to create a unique melody in ‘Double Rainbow’.

While ‘220Hz’ showcases electro-ingenuity, it avoids becoming a banger, instead sensibly peaking twice. Throughout the record, classical, folk, and psychedelia are masterfully intertwined, reminiscent of the out-there British musicians of the 60s. The album exudes a British quaintness, marked by politeness and weather references, adding to its charm.

Dot Allison’s vocals are fragile yet powerful, supported by a multitude of artists and strings. Influences from Andy Bell and Hannah Peel are evident, adding depth and power. Stand-out tracks like ‘Unchanged’ and ‘Bleached By The Sun’ display the cohesion of the artist’s vision. The album calls for action and change but also serves as a reminder of the world’s immersive beauty. 

Consciousology is out now on Sonic Cathedral

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