EP: Charlotte de Witte – Formula

‘Count on me, I’m gonna win the race.’ Not since the heyday of Yello have high-octane cars and music gone so neatly hand in racing glove. Charlotte de Witte is back, and on the Formula EP, the revs and power of souped-up machines sync perfectly with her trademark techno.

Lead track ‘Doppler’ is the most expansive track here, its riff set to burrow into your mind. ‘RPM’ lives up to its name from the first green light, tearing away and not slowing up until it’s past the chequered flag. There’s not a lot to it, but what it does, it does very well.
The title track hits you harder, and takes you on a more scenic route to the finishing line. The switch-up around the five-minute mark is worth all the wait and more.

It’s yet another banger from the KNTXT star, and just like Yello, we can only say, ‘Oh Yeah!’.

Formula was released on 30th April via KNTXT

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