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EP Review: Don’t Try to Comfort Me – her.picture

With a pummelling guitar riff and crashing cymbals, her.picture bulldoze into their debut EP’s first track ‘The Nature of It’ without the slightest trace of timidity. The Glasgow band don’t mess around by luring the audience in gently, instead boldly asserting their brand of grand, towering alt-rock across four incendiary tracks.

While there are echoes of early Radiohead and The Last Shadow Puppets, there’s a distinct character in the band’s haunting melodies, with Anny Tahaney’s ghostly vocals sailing high above the opening track’s grungy foundations.

Track two is the incandescent ‘I’m Still Here’, unfolding from a soft, flickering, candlelit beginning into a fiery climax of resplendent guitar and phosphorescent vocals. ‘My Way’ follows, its epic chorus encapsulating the band’s aim to translate the political frustration felt by young people into song.

Finally, the title track closes out this impressive set of songs with another killer chorus. This isn’t a debut project that shows ‘potential’ or ‘promise’; her.picture have arrived fully formed and undaunted.

Don’t Try to Comfort Me is out now

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