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EP Review: La Fusion by LA Priest

With three solo albums and a legacy band (Late of the Pier) behind him, Sam Eastgate is a respected and seasoned musician/producer who has managed to fly relatively under the radar throughout his decade-spanning career. His 2023 LP Fase Luna is an intricately produced dreamscape inspired by time spent in Costa Rica and Mexico. If this showcases Eastgate’s delicate side, his latest EP, La Fusion, is bringing a more gregarious version of the musician to the fore.

Throughout its four tracks, pop melodies, groovy drums, and psych-tinged bass and guitar lines create a sunny, easy listening experience that is far more rooted in dance music than what we’ve seen before. This is particularly true of lead single ‘City Warm Heart’, which has an energetic buoyancy reminiscent of bands like Vulfpeck, Milky Chance, or indeed Late of the Pier. ‘Apple’ has a similar sweetness, while ‘Too Cool’ is the most guitar-heavy of the tracks, giving it a more grounded, rock feel.

LA Priest – City Warm Heart (Official Video)

Reducing the tempo down for last track ‘Love 2 Know’ creates a warbly slow jam embellished with distorted guitar lines, before the track’s final moments break into an unexpected electronic beat and wailing distorted synth. This abstract exit out of La Fusion is reminiscent of LA Priest’s more avant-garde production choices but sounds slightly jarring within the context of this project.

Despite this, the strongest creative element of LA Priest’s music is its production, each electronic component wrapping gently around Eastgate’s vocals and organic instrumentation. A huge variety of drum and synth sounds embellish the subtlety of his melodies while managing to stay cohesive to a singular sonic palette. Lyrically, interesting phonetic choices add to the overall groove of this EP, veering away from anthemic hooks in favour of pure, unadulterated vibes.

La Fusion is out now via Domino Records

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