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EP Review: Cardinal Fire by Grayling

Grayling’s second EP, Cardinal Fire, is set to release later this month via Wild Cove Recordings. The band have found a new sound on this EP and all the influences shine through in their own ways; the Americana slide guitars on ‘In the Longing’, the classic folk of ‘I’ll See You’, and the guitar solo outro on ‘Overboard’ would feel right at home on a classic rock album.

The band have said the EP takes inspiration from nature and you can almost hear the waves and the sunny coastline. It’s a rich and incredibly well produced piece of work; warming, but with a lingering sense of longing and melancholy.

Standouts are ‘Aching (A Remedy)’, a silky smooth soft-rock track, and the aforementioned ‘Overboard’, which is honestly just a banger. A catchy chorus primed for a singalong and some truly cutting lyrics, combined with the gentle delivery, make for a memorable track.

The EP is having a launch party at the Òran Mór auditorium on the 30th of May.

Cardinal Fire is out on 31st May via Wild Cove Recordings 

Main Photo Credit: Rosie Sco

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