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EP Review: Sun’s Signature – Sun’s Signature

Most  couples  probably  think  they  can  create lullabies and dreamscapes, and more, for their children to adore. Most couples aren’t Liz Fraser and Damon Reece. Both opening tracks, ‘Underwater’ and ‘Golden Air’, have moments that soar, transcending the beautiful yet understated body of the songs. The sharp turns are spellbinding, blinding you at first, then demanding repeat listens. ‘Bluedusk’ is equally trippy, leading listeners to a hidden land of wonder.

There are many quiet and soft passages, but there’s not a fragile moment. Even delicately picked strings have an edge that indicates they know how to handle themselves, if the need arises.

With  Steve  Hackett  of  Genesis  fame  and  an assorted gang of accomplices from Massive Attack, Spiritualized, Coil and Goldfrapp on board, the talent flows freely from every song. You’ll come for Liz’s long-awaited recorded comeback, but you’ll return (repeatedly) for the simplistic majesty that permeates the EP.

Sun’s Signature is released 18th June on Partisan

Photo Credit: Eva Vermandel

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