Face It: Debbie Harry and Chris Stein announce “In Conversation” date in Glasgow

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Face It: Debbie Harry and Chris Stein announce “In Conversation” date in Glasgow

Debbie Harry is a busy woman. Aside from being rock’s most famous frontwoman and planning tours to last throughout 2020, Harry just released her first memoir, Face It. It is baffling that she hasn’t written one sooner; with nearly 50 years in show business, Debbie Harry has conquered the pop culture landscape. The book chronicles her life from the start – an adopted girl from New Jersey, who dreamt of being Marilyn Monroe’s daughter – to present day, pulling into focus the highs and lows of being in the world’s coolest band. It’s especially interesting to hear her relive the band’s years in the wilderness, plagued by addiction, life-threatening illness and woeful mismanagement and finances. Harry’s writing style feels as laid back and anecdotal as one could imagine, weaving in and out of stories like she’s casually recounting them to you herself.

She and Blondie guitarist Chris Stein are hitting the road together once again to bring their In Conversation tour to the UK. The duo, with contribution from Blondie collaborator Rob Roth, look back on a staggering five decades in the music industry, hopefully shedding even more light on their symbiotic professional and personal relationship. What one can take from Face It is the collaborative rapport between the two; theirs is a relationship that defies labelling, one that rejects the traditional journey of two people who meet, fall in love, start a band and break up. You can’t have one without the other, and Debbie and Chris’ story is the heart of the book. The appearance will be illuminated with seminal images of the band and New York City from Debbie’s autobiography and Chris Stein’s two books, as well as film clips, fan art, book readings and audience Q&As.” A must-see for die hard Blondie fans.

Few artists have left their imprint on pop culture quite like Debbie Harry and Blondie have. She remains an inimitable force of nature, pushing buttons and ready to try the next thing: punk itself. Singers come and go, but icons live forever.

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein are In Conversation at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Wed 22nd April. Face It is available now.



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