Fringe Review – SK Shlomo

SK Shlomo Edinburgh

Taking us on a one-hour journey through his life, including hilarious observations on his childhood, the dark spell that brings the message of the show and his preternatural musical abilities; the beat-box wunderkind has created a show that runs the gamut of emotions so beautiful and transcendent that it had me at turns wistful, crying and, in the end, exultant.

From his show stopping live beat-boxing to truly impressive live singing on cuts from his debut album; the depth of his talent is revealed.  I really felt part of his journey. It’s one that is a symptom of the times. The message is clear, we must listen to and support each other with our mental health. We must be vulnerable enough to open ourselves to the moment and every emotion and feeling it fleetingly brings.

As we exchanged a few words post-show, I empathise with him, saying that I have been on a similar journey, and that to see someone like himself being so open is a beautiful thing. We shook hands like brothers, and I felt a sincere connection for a brief moment, something to savour.

***** Five Stars


Photo by Joseph-Branston

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