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Fringe Review – Lucy Porter – ‘Be Prepared’

Lucy Porter Edinburgh Fringe

As an ex pack leader for both my Brownies and my Girl Guide group (my overachieving ended there), I was intrigued to see Lucy Porters show ‘Be Prepared’ which amusingly ties together the earnestness of the scouting organisations with the very British past time of innuendos.


It’s a show which may not translate outside of UK audiences – unless you were an international scout, but is a good insight/ reminiscence into a very British childhood.


Lucy manages to exude a cool aunt attitude. Her jokes may be quite surface level, but you can’t leave without cracking a smile along the way. Lucy’s message for the show is welcomely uplifting, it’s woke without trying to be, which must surely end up being more woke. Her messages of wisdom include the warming idea ‘shouldn’t we all be rewarded a bit more for the little things we do as adults?  Things like remembering to take the bins out, making a good spreadsheet and remembering the important people in your past which helped prepare you for the adult you are today.


Her Brown Owl, taught her how to splint a leg, mine taught me never to forget the chocolate for the banana splits at a camp out.

If you want a good feel good comedy show that’s not a moan about everything that’s wrong in society, It’s worth checking out ‘Be Prepared’; maybe you’ll receive a badge for attendance.


**** 4 Stars



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