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Good Lovelies and Josie Duncan – 23rd January Royal Concert Hall – Celtic Connections Live Review

Josie Duncan, hailing from the Isle of Lewis, kicked off with Gaelic flair and playful spirit. Her set, backed by strong musicianship, showcased a mix of pleasant tunes like ‘Best Case Scenario’ and the intriguingly dark ‘Evil Plan’. Duncan’s storytelling added a breezy and fun touch, covering diverse topics from car robberies to loving frogs!

Good Lovelies, headlining from Ontario, Canada, acknowledged their non-Celtic identity but connected with the audience through harmonious performances and charming chat. It’s the style of music, as opposed to the lineage of performers, that give the festival its identity, and the band were right at home on the bill. The songs were instantly familiar, as though they were making their way back home.

With songs about love, family, chasing dreams and humorous anecdotes, covering the Pot Still, mislaid luggage, quitting jobs during a recession and surprise at seeing a love song for a husband soundtracking a dog training video, they more than kept the crowd engaged.

The harmonies during ‘I See Gold’ made venturing out the house on such a grim night worthwhile. The trio’s connection with the crowd, dubbed the Glasgow Community Choir, ensured there was more than enough warmth and light on a miserable evening.


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