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It is a scientific fact that Halloween is gay Christmas. The season of the witch invites – nay, commands – us to indulge in all things macabre, camp and outrageous, and who are we to deny ourselves of such revelry? For me, Halloween, all things macabre and horror films served as the perfect escape growing up, and I am in no way alone in this spooky sensibility. We can all be whoever or whatever we want for the night, and are encouraged to shock, repulse and have fun. Samantha Allen suggests that on Halloween, “straight people shed their inhibitions, dress up in ridiculous outfits, and join us queer folk in the gleeful dissection of popular culture that we find so sustaining.” So, what are you going to do to fulfil your spooky duty this year?

“Don’t dream it: be it:” the mantra of Rocky Horror Picture Show fans across the world, and surely the unofficial mission statement of Halloween itself. This cult favourite needs no introduction, but Night Life invites you to its Rocky Horror Halloween Show. This evening promises to take you on a journey back to the 70s for a Rocky themed night of live music, themed cocktails and more surprises. The dress code, of course, is Rocky Horror, 1970s or Halloween. This takes place on 25th October 2019 between 10.30pm – 3am at SWG3 Studio Warehouse. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Glasgow Film Festival programme this October, as they manage to showcase the best in horror movies every Halloween. Previous years have included big budget monsters like Carrie and hammy cult classics like The Evil Dead, so expect good things.

There are a whole host of queer-friendly club nights and events to sink your teeth into this Halloween. Be sure to haunt Glasgow’s array of gay clubs like Polo, AXM and my favourite Delmonica’s. Halloween and drag, of course, go claw in claw, and once again it comes in the shape of Heels of Hell, an all-star cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Dragula alumni. This year’s roster brings us season 4 and All Stars legend Latrice Royale, the dancing diva of Texas Kennedy Davenport, season 6 punk rock
siren Adore Delano, fan favourites Akeria Davenport and Miz Cracker, Dragula season 2 winner Biqtch Puddin, the planet Glamtron’s very own Alaska Thunderfuck, and the official Queen of Halloween Sharon Needles. You couldn’t pick a better night to see these queens, especially with Sharon’s $100,000-winning spooky shtick and Alaska’s affinity for turning trash into treasure. So, stop off at Party City before heading to O2 Academy on Sunday 20 October (19:00 – 23:00).

And wherever you decide to haunt, make sure your costume is up to scratch. Onesies have no role to play on Halloween: in my own experience, you get what you give, and the biggest compliments tend to be when you’ve gotten your hands dirty and decided to get crafty (brainwave: grab your best Judies and go as the girls from The Craft!). And whether you’re flying solo, have a partner or a whole gang of ghouls, do not overlook the plethora of queer characters pop culture has to offer. For comic book lovers, Batwoman, Mystique, Deadpool and Midnighter may just do the trick (or treat), while a gender-swapping Team Rocket, Patsy and Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous for the trashy and fabulous among you and Daria and Jane could all serve as a thrilling throwback.

But whatever you do on Halloween, be safe and revel in the one time of year we are invited to revel in the macabre and truly indulge in our spooky sensibilities. Any inventive costumes or pumpkin carving designs can be sent to @snackmag. The scarier, the queerier the better!

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