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Hen Hoose ‘EP1’ (EP Review)

This is an EP with steel and bite, balanced with melody and spirit.

Gender equality is hugely important but every music release should live or die by its quality. Thankfully, Hen Hoose – EP 1 has nothing to worry about on either score. The collective showcases, supports, and champions female and non-binary artists, and with three EPs set for release this year, its presence can only grow.

The collaborative approach, with artists supporting each other and the wider community, has turned up new partnerships and many spellbinding moments. Opener ‘The Lucky Ones’, featuring Lucy Parnell and Djana Gabrielle, combines a synthy and glitchy backing with luscious vocals and stirring moments.

Tanya Mellotte and PAIX weave an ethereal number on ‘Waves’, while Ray Aggs and Kathryn Williams are quietly devastating on ‘Night Is Calling’, which blends bleeps and strings in an organic manner. You should know by now that if Shears is involved, we’re in the queue. On ‘Let It All Go’, she pairs with Xo to sultry effect, while Cariss Crosbie and Elizabeth Elektra pirouette delicately around ‘Brigid’.

The vocal skills of The Anchoress and Jill Lorean are given space and time to shine on the mournful ‘Look Up’, while closer ‘My Only Ghost’ allows BISHI and Inge Thomson to see us out on a wave of Eastern influences and choral singing.

Collectively, the EP will set your heartbeat to a faster rate than its tempo, but don’t mistake its measured approach for timidness. This is an EP with steel and bite, balanced with melody and spirit.

Hen Hoose – EP1 was released on 5th June. Buy here.

Main Photo Credit: Oculus Sinistra Photography

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