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Interview: Dead Pony – War Boys

Fresh off the back of the release of their EP War Boys, and even fresher off the back of their debut London headline show, SNACK chats to Dead Pony in a cramped tour van (well, car). They’re still buzzing and gleeful in spite of a long and eventful few days: perhaps they’re running on fumes, or perhaps the energy is resultant of a revitalising pride in their recent success and impending ascendency?

So the EP’s been released and gig’s been smashed – how does it feel?

Anna Shields: We’re very pumped and I think the EP’s been well received. We played all the new songs at the gig on Wednesday and it went down so well. It’s just so nice, eventually having these songs out there.

Blair Crichton: It’s a cool process. We were buzzing about the songs ages ago when we wrote them, but then kinda fell out of love with them for a long period of time when we were hearing them over and over, but obviously no one else was, so it gets weird. But now it’s really great to see how people interpret and enjoy the music we wrote ages ago.
What was the creative process for the EP?

Anna: ‘War Boys’ and ‘Bullet Farm’ were inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road, so we wanted to emulate or replicate that universe and channel it musically.

Blair: In terms of recording, I’d been producing music for a while but had never really considered myself good enough to do the Dead Pony stuff, but we recorded it on our own at 45 A-Side Studios in Glasgow and I ended up doing a few mixes. When we listened to them we all kinda thought, ‘Right, that’s releasable!’, so we just did it that way.

The cover artwork for the EP and singles really capture the riotous energy.

Anna: I’ve been making clothes for a while but we thought it’d be cool to have a gang feel, so I decided to involve my clothes-making with the band and create artwork that we could keep and wear and others could replicate and feel part of a gang.

What’s next for Dead Pony?

Blair: A nap at the hotel!

Anna: Aye – after that just gigging, touring and making music.

War Boys was released on the 27th of September via LAB Records

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