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Leif Coffield at King Tut’s – Live Review

Leif Coffield’s headline show at King Tut’s was not one I’ll forget soon. With a family member in the band, a surprisingly touching cover of Owl Cities ‘Fireflies’, and Leif insisting he couldn’t go on stage without his body bathed in baby oil, Coffields’ approach is far from conventional.

This lack of convention is what makes Coffield such an interesting artist to watch, as he effortlessly saunters through a venn-diagram of synthpop, electronic and rock and roll. He even brought in a new element with Glasgow-based rapper JusHarry performing on Leifs’ unreleased track ‘Dreams like Freddy’.  

Coming out on stage with a robe on that looked like something from Lord of the Rings, soon removed to reveal the headline act (soaking with aforementioned baby oil). The crowd was already warmed up from the support acts and gave Coffield a massive reception. He had a solid band behind him, with his dad on the guitar (who was soon a fan favourite). 

Credit: Marc Campbell

This was his first headline show and it brought in an impressive close to 200-strong crowd. It really felt like a statement piece from Coffield, as the producer and singer-songwriter cemented himself as a force to be reckoned with in Scottish pop.  

There was an unusual sentiment in King Tut’s. Leif and the band made it feel both grandiose and epic as if we were at Hampden Park, but relatable and intimate as if the show was just a good time between a few friends.

The gig’s energy ramped up as the show went on, another unreleased track, ‘Fire It Up’, had the audiences screaming the words back, catalysing a moment of collective euphoria. This was even despite Leif originally singing it in the wrong key, which for other artists could have been a nerve-shattering mistake. Leif shrugged it off and gave the audience something to laugh about, before blowing them away with a thundering performance of the new track.

The gig ended with Leif covering the Owl City classic ‘Fireflies’, I literally burst out laughing as the room bubbled with 2009 nostalgia. At the time, I thought this might be the one negative of the show, however, the rendition was unique and the audience and Leif singing together was absolutely enamouring , it ended up being one of the highlights of the night. 

Leif Coffield is an artist whom we will be hearing about for years to come, and it is a delight to follow his journey. He is gearing up for more performances around the UK and we can’t wait to see where his career takes him.

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