Music video premiere: Twelfth Day – Fact of Life

We’re delighted to host the video premiere of Twelfth Day’s ‘Fact of Life’, directed by BAFTA award-winning filmmaker Hannah Currie.

Out from tomorrow 14th May, the contemporary Scottish folk/classical duo’s song is a moving and poignant track based around their violin and harp playing, complete with beautiful voices & harmonies.

It’s the first in a series of videos Twelfth Day will release this year by female directors.

Cover art: Tom Swift

Twelfth Day say that the track is ‘an optimistic look at the end of life. It is about celebrating lives and all the sticky complexities within them, continuing to learn from the dead after they have gone.’

Hannah Currie, BAFTA-award winning director, says:

‘When Catriona and Esther first approached me to make a music video, my instant thought was ‘I have no idea how to make a music video’ – but this is pretty typical of being a woman in the film industry, low self confidence is a daily struggle!

When I heard the song and their idea to use archives of their grandparents, curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t say no. I couldn’t quite believe the treasure trove of family archives they unveiled, such a perfect fit for the song which is about accepting death as a part of life, and accepting people for who they are/were, and appreciating what they left behind (I think?!).

I had recently digitised some old family video tapes so I snuck in a couple of shots of my own late grandparents, and when I showed my mum the video she burst into tears. I hope it has an emotional effect on everyone who listens to the song and watched the video, I think we’ve created a real experience together and I can’t wait for it to be released’. 


Directed by Hannah Currie 

Cinematography by Steve Cardno 

Art Directed by Isabel Forbes 

Edited by David Hunter 

Photo credit: Jannica Honey

‘Fact of Life’ is out 14th May on Orange Feather Records

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