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Single review: Bachelor – Stay in the Car

Palehound’s Ellen Kempner and Jay Som’s Melina Duterte coming together to form a collaborative project, Bachelor, is a pairing we absolutely welcome. This month they announced their debut album, Doomin’ Sun, due out 28th May on Lucky Number, alongside the release of this brand new single ‘Stay in the Car’.

This track is irrefutably great. Inspired by the likes of the Pixies and the Breeders, ‘Stay in the Car’, hears the two artists combining their distinctive sounds. On a compelling bass-heavy track with adrenaline-fuelled guitar riffs, both artist’s vocals hold an innocence that is almost believable until you listen to the lust, rife amongst their real-life-inspired lyrics.

Kempner explained, ‘I wrote the lyrics to ‘Stay In the Car’ back in December of 2019 when I was in Florida for my partner’s top surgery. I had run out one afternoon, while he was healing post-op, to grab lunch for us and as I was gathering my stuff in the parking lot, a big car pulled up and this absolutely beautiful woman got out. She was dressed all in red, dripping with jewellery and had the most wild fiery mane I’d ever seen. She was yelling at the man behind the wheel asking him what he wanted from the store and I wished I was that man. I wanted to be a part of her life, her best friend, her driver, whatever she wanted me to be. I was completely mesmerized.’

Directed and edited by Haoyan of America, the music video combines vibrant colours, charity store kitsch and psychedelic digital effects to firmly complement their indie lo-fi sound. Written and recorded in Topanga, California over the course of two weeks in January of 2020, pre-pandemic, Doomin’ Sun is a record steeped in friendship. ‘Stay in the Car’ is the perfect teaser for an album that has the potential to be an instant classic.

‘Stay in the Car’ is out now via Lucky Number

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