Single review: Probably Finlay – The Unquiet Grave

Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Probably Finlay’s new release ‘The Unquiet Grave’ is an orchestral offering inspired by an old folk story.

At just 18 years old, half-Scottish, half-Costa Rican Finlay Mayers Porras has already released an EP and a handful of singles within the last year, and this latest offering is a real step up for the young musician in terms of composition. Enlisting friends and family members to lend their talents on strings and brass to this recording, the end result is a delicate but impactful arrangement which enhances the storytelling of the song and complements the themes of love and loss perfectly.

While Finlay’s back catalogue of music is diverse and showcases his talents as a songwriter and musician across a variety of genres, ‘The Unquiet Grave’ is on another level. The single showcases his ability to write for a wider range of instruments, meaning the possibilities are endless in terms of what we can expect from him next. Set to study jazz at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, it will be interesting to see which direction his music takes over the coming years.

‘The Unquiet Grave’ is available to stream now

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