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Single Review: Megan Black – Just For Fun

Rather than coasting to the end of the year on the back of her well-received debut album Deadly Is The Woman, Megan Black returns with another concoction of musical styles and measured sensual confidence in delivery and intent.

There’s an epic production, 70s-tinged guitar licks and Megan issuing warnings amongst the frisson, adding up to an exciting rock and blues number that shows bigger is often best. It’s a bit of a stomper as opposed to one you’ll dance to, but anything that gets people moving and groovin’ can’t be wrong.

As Megan told us, and BBC Scotland agrees with her – going by a recent mini-documentary helmed by SILVI – there is something in the water in West Lothian these days; such is the burgeoning scene. ‘Just For Fun’ is a beguiling potion, far more potent than what flows from your kitchen tap, offering a taste of the talent Megan displays.

‘Just For Fun’ is out now.

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