Single review: sarya + Rufus – 6075 // i miss you

Bittersweet longing with a biting undertone of frustration are combined in ‘6075 // i miss you’ from Sarya, feat Rufus. Discordant low-fi electronics mesh with haunting vocals to create a lamenting yet insistent track that repeats ‘I miss you / you know / I don’t want to go.’

Sarya, who has been impressing with their lyrical poetry on Edinburgh’s night scene for a few years, said: ‘I wrote this in preparation of leaving Scotland, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to come back for a while, given the current pandemic circumstances. Taipei and Edinburgh are 6075 miles apart, a 16 hour plane ride. There’s sadness and longing but also a lot of love to express to my adopted home… it’s just a shame that it’s never been easy to live in Scotland without jumping through a lot of expensive bureaucratic tomfoolery. It’s a lament of uncertainty and reluctant abandon.’

The artist’s talent for perfectly capturing emotion is on point here with refreshingly honest simplicity, as Sarya’s love song to their favourite place reminds us that music can take us anywhere, even if we’re miles away from where we want to be.

‘6075 // i miss you’ is out now on Spotify

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