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Single Review: Swim School – kill you

There’s no shortage of young bands serving their take on dream-pop and 90s soft introspection, but the great thing is so many are doing it so well. Swim School are an example, with ‘kill you’ not missing a beat from the band’s earlier releases.

Radio 1 is on board with the single, and by the time Alice Johnson’s vocals hit the chorus, so will you. It’s sweet but keep your guard up; glacial beauty like this can drag you under in seconds.

Only last year the group described themselves as the ‘Tesco Value Wolf Alice’, an excellent line for an interview but searingly apt for these days. With growing concerns about the cost of following the most prominent bands, there’s no better time to dig around for acts that offer what you need right now. Stick Swim School on your list, you’ll be glad you did, and they’ll be waiting.

‘kill you’ is out now via LAB records

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