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Single review: Teen Canteen – How We Met (Cherry Pie)

Good pop music can sparkle in any setting or surroundings. That’s one of the defining features of the frothy yet fantastic music we love. However, there is no getting away from the fact that at its best, pop music packs a powerful punch. Be it the Wall of Sound, neon magic or a cavalcade of choruses, it’s the oomph that steals your heart and makes your eyes smile as tellingly as your mouth.

Teen Canteen, and more notably Carla J Easton in her solo ventures, are perfect examples of this. Their music always sounded better at its brightest, a Technicolor scream cutting through the dull daze of mundane radio plays.

‘How We Met (Cherry Pie)’ is pleasing, pleasant; and it points the way for where the band and songwriter would travel in the coming years – it was originally planned for release in 2012. Whether it’s a casual introduction or nagging reminder, the single works, but it holds a promise of more.

‘How We Met (Cherry Pie)’ is released on 2nd April on Last Night From Glasgow/HIVE

Main photo credit: Dave Taylor

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