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Single Review – Tell Me Again by Marky Wildtype

In a departure from his previous indie folk sound, Marky Wildtype’s latest single ‘Tell Me Again’, the first from his upcoming second album, is a DIY marvel. It’s a little bit of new wave, a little bit of rock, and a little bit of pop, topped off with spoken word.

All the instruments take turns coming into the mix. The bass (what a bassline – apparently it came to Marky Wildtype in a dream), the drums, even the synths popping in one at a time, give the tune a faint otherworldly energy. 

The vocals come across as a spoken-word piece, with lyrics about those individuals who make kindness exceptionally difficult to commit to, due to their unrepentantly foul behaviour.

A true testament to the DIY ethos, this song, as well as the whole new album, is entirely arranged, performed, recorded, and mixed by Marky Wildtype, save for a little bit of drumming.

‘Tell Me Again’ is out now

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