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EP Review – Greenhouse Baby (Live at Chime Studios) by Lacuna

Richly textured and dynamic, Lacuna’s latest EP, Greenhouse Baby, feels like a whole day of changing weather and light and atmosphere packed into a trio of folk-rock tracks. Recorded live at Chime Studios by Luc Grindle, Greenhouse Baby follows the Glasgow group’s 2023 EP Overgrown and 2021’s Mazza Mary.

The EP dawns with the warm, earthy tones of ‘Creature Comforts’, fiddle weaving through the thicket of guitar and woody percussion. The band then mellows into a soft, steady groove on ‘Saint Bernadette’. With breathy vocals and low, grungy guitar, a weak, tepid sense of calm seeps through the mix, before storm clouds of percussion and distortion tear through the malaise.

The EP’s closing piece is a reworking of the band’s 2021 song ‘Mazza Mary’. A wistful, country-tinged track, this version is made softer and warmer by the introduction of gentle fiddle and gorgeous molten saxophone, which transform the track from wispy, feathery beginnings into a blazing sunset of a finale.

Greenhouse Baby (Live at Chime Studios) is out now

Main Photo Credit: George McFadyen

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