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Single Reviews – November Issue 5 2023

 ‘Shared Circumstances’ by Poster Club OUT NOW

Poster Club’s latest post-punk offering brims with energy and frustration, all of which is aggressively taken out on guitar strings and drum skins by the Glasgow group.  ‘Shared Circumstances’ is a grubby, vitriolic assault, grasping punters by the collar and warning them frantically of their upcoming EP, Deterioration Part II. – Jo Higgs


Glasgow’s LAMAYA treats her listeners to a scintillating new number, bristling with lust. ‘COMING FOR UR <3’, an experimental soul track produced by Quested, is a vital song with electronics that mutilate melodies, with bass-ambushing drums and synths cutting through the mix like a hot knife through butter. – Jo Higgs


‘Where Do You Go?’ by Dara Dubh OUT NOW

After going viral on TikTok by serenading punters on Edinburgh’s number 16 night bus, Dara Dubh – improving upon the sound quality of the buzzing bus, courtesy of producer Haquin – announces her recording career with ‘Where Do You Go?’. Electronics, strings, and a gorgeous harp compliment soulful vocals, promising much from the young singer-songwriter. – Jo Higgs

‘second place on purpose’ by Wojtek The Bear OUT NOW via Last Night From Glasgow

Amidst a smattering of horns, Glasgow’s wojtek the bear herald their return with new single ‘second place on purpose.’ A sumptuous slice of indie pop, it echoes the stylish sway of Belle and Sebastian as beautifully intricate layers of instrumentation bed down beneath Tam Killean’s meticulous vocals. An ode to the startling – but not unwelcome – responsibilities that come with parenthood, it brims with the fulfillment of devoting your life to another. – Craig Howieson

‘Mercy Me’ by The Niche Family OUT NOW on Holy Smokes Records.

The Niche Family’s ‘Mercy Me’ is magical and woozy as vocal harmonies drizzle over, and later douse, the instrumental: sweet as honey yet sharp as whisky. The Glasgow-based trio effortlessly display their taste for tragedy in their debut single and tease a future of fascinating musical output. – Jo Higgs

The Niche Family – Mercy Me (The Depression Sessions)

‘Reject’ by Alice Faye OUT NOW on Holy Smokes Records.

With a bit of charm and style, the right person can pull off pretty much anything. Taking the classic songwriting chops of a Paul Williams or Randy Newman song, Glaswegian singer/songwriter Alice Faye adds a chunk of brassy swagger and unconcerned attitude that makes getting dumped seem frankly pretty cool. – Chris Queen

Alice Faye – Reject (Official Video)

‘NEW BOYFRIEND’ by Lynks OUT NOW via Heavenly Recordings

Stomping platform trainers through a pool of queer dance music history, from Funkytown to Kesha with a big dose of early electroclash, this is a joyously filthy floor filler about those break-ups that claw into your brain and remove all of your morals. Bouncy bass and a big shoutalong hook delivered with caustic campy sarcasm.

Lynks – NEW BOYFRIEND (Official Music Video)

MIDAS THE JAGABAN by Louis Vitty (ft. Tayc) OUT NOW

The masked British-Nigerian Afropop artist takes the tempo down a bit here from the frenetic bounce that brought her to the attention of the TikTokers a couple of years back. Teaming Midas with Cameroonian superstar Tayc, ‘Louis Vitty’ is a low-slung admiration of beauty, popping electronic JuJu beats over a distinctly UK vocal.

Midas The Jagaban – Louis Vitty (Official Music Video) ft. Tayc

Main Photo Credit: Kim Simpson

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