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Theatre Review: Payday Party

This performance was a treat from the start (literally, the audience was offered sweets as they walked in!). An extremely performative piece, the Payday cast made you feel as though you were all personally invited to attend their party. With song, dance, and comedy delivered by six different artists, intertwined with deeply personal monologues, I never truly knew where the performance was going – in the best way. 

The rendition of ‘Colours of the Wind’ will tug at your heartstrings, and the dance performances are top notch. There is not one story, but many, and each are personal accounts of the cast members’ struggles growing up and finding their way in the world. A theme that resonates with many.  

The audience interaction was something I had not seen before and thoroughly enjoyed. If every Pay Day Party is like this, sign me up for all of them!

Payday Party | Pleasance Theatre Trust

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