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Album Review: Hank Tree – The Big North

If you arrive at The Big North with no expectations, the opening track might lull you into a false sense of security, leading you to believe it’s a pleasant and laid-back album. Spoiler alert, there are searing guitar riffs and fills to follow, with the break on ‘Jokes’ sure to catch those who don’t read this review off guard, and the biting finale to ‘Another Accident’ ensuring those who love a guitar work-out will find a lot to cherish here.

‘Eighteen Pence’ has a menacingly plucked progression while ‘Haber – Bosch Process’ has that sort of paranoid shuffling beat that Beta Band fans will rejoice in hearing. Overall, the influences merge and blend well, creating a record that flows nicely, firmly at peace with itself. The vocals rarely jostle for attention, but there’s no chance of your mind wandering, with melodic loveliness peppered throughout as Hank Tree branch out confidently.

The Big North is out now via Olive Grove Records.

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